Monday, January 25, 2010

Character designs for sit/stand

Well second semester of my sophomore year has arrived! We're currently animating with a pre-rigged model, Arty, to get back into the groove of things. At the same time, we're designing our character and stories for our first "major" animation project, the sit/stand. The premise of the assignment is to have a character sit down for a reason and then stand up for a reason. Sounds like fun to me!

For my final idea I'm going to try to use a gambling nun. The only problem with her is rigging her dress and habit, but.. I'll try to figure it out. I really like the yeti-kid so I might try to use him for my push/pull next year if I can get the nun to work.


  1. I love the middle nun with her cheeks! I just want to squeeesh them.

  2. haha thanks Elizabeth :D She looks so dang jolly!